Standard & Custom Face Shields

Medical  -  Dental  -  First Responder  -  Food Industry  -  Assisted Living  -  General Use PPE

"I could not find a protective face shield that would accommodate my prescription eyewear with magnification loupes and headlight that I use in my dental office.  Barry and his team took on the challenge, quickly came up with a masterful design, and fabricated a custom fit face shield that is comfortable, lightweight and durable. I could not be more impressed."

Paul Koehl, D.D.S.       Stevens Point, WI

Scan Yourself

for Custom Fit


Bellus3D FaceApp

3D Face Scanning Selfie App

Only Available on the Apple App Store for iPhone & iPad


  • Follow the Bellus3D App instructions to scan your head.

  • Save your scan.   

  • Pay the In-App $0.99 Fee to Unlock your Scan.   

  • Export as an OBJ file and/or Send Contact Information to

  • Once received, our team will contact you and will custom fit a headband to fit your head shape for maximum comfort and stability!

If you do not have an Apple device, or you would prefer that we scan your head for fitment, or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.